Forensic Computing

Computer forensics is the science of applying technological knowledge in the interpretation and understanding of personal and professional activity, which is witnessing all the technology that surrounds us without perceiving. Our understanding of its depth, operation and transmission capacity makes this science the key in numerous legal proceedings of any kind.

Having an appropriate professional team allows focus accurately technological support that guarantees the argument in a judicial process for either party, backed by our compression capacity of the situation, and our facility to explain complex technologies, service make this one of the most popular, along with the distinction of being the only Computer forensics we have the data recovery lab largest in Europe, as a guarantee of our ability.



Fingerprint Concept

The fingerprint is the continuous recording and witness of all activities, even those of questionable nature. The qualified study of digital registry scan facilitates the use of this method in the prosecution or defense of criminal conducts or against them

Where we leave our fingerprint?

  • Computer hard drives.
  • Email servers, files, Internet…
  • Mobile phones, Smartphones, memory cards, USB’s, CD’s, DVD’s, and in general any electronic device.
  • CLOUD Services (Social Networking …)
  • Public information on the Internet.

The correct treatment of the fingerprint becomes key witness in any conflict.


Elaboration of Forensic Reports

Our actions and work on digital evidence may be reflected in an expert report purely technological, or can supplement expert reports made by our fellow economic experts who value damages.

  • We wrote the forensic report of technological nature to be brought to judicial proceedings in any jurisdiction.
  • We provide a clear, objective and independent vision of the facts.
  • We present our findings in an understandable and well-documented report.
  • We provide sense to information in business conflicts.
  • We test and we test assumptions, assertions and arguments of both our customers and other involved parties.


Scope of application

  • The forensic image ensures we have all the information device (deleted and visible) and could not be manipulated.
  • Has been obtained by independent experts in the presence of witnesses.
  • Is documented and ensures chain of custody.
  • It guarantees the fundamental right to personal privacy and confidentiality of communications using non-intrusive techniques such as “keywords”.
  • The ultimate goal of an investigation of digital evidence analysis in the context of a judicial process is to provide the analysis result to a judge, and therefore, the commitment to quality, ensuring the respect for the rights of the person under investigation.


Key Points

    • Crimes against intellectual property.
    • Disloyal competition.
    • Industrial espionage.
    • Fraud investigations.
    • Layoffs and labour disputes.
    • Compliance with obligations and contracts.
    • Data leakage.
    • Certification of electronic communications.
    • Cybercrime. Intrusions.
    • Abuse of computer systems.

Our experts are specialized in forensic technology,

  • Obtaining digital evidence
  • Data Recovery (damaged HDD)
  • Activity analysis
  • Certifications
  • Research





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