How much costs a data recovery?

It depends on two variables: the nature of the fault, which may be physical or logical, and the service selected (standard, UVI or UCI). However, our diagnosis is free and takes less than 6 hours.

How long I can get my information?

We offer three services that differs to their urgency. Standard, UCI or UVi.

In what cases is not possible to retrieve the information?

Currently there are two faults that can not be recovered: The on writing, in which case the stored information no longer exists because it has been removed at the logical level. The Head Crash, which is that the reading heads have scratched the HDD disk surface removing the information stored at the physical level.

How can I know if they have recovered all my data?

You can tell from the beginning of the recovery, files or folders that interest you most. However, during the recovery process, and if the device allows it, we will send you a list of files so you can check the information that we will recover.

Can I re-use my failed HDD?

If is a logical failure, yes. When is a physical failure, the HDD is unusable. We can provide a new hard drive, if you so desire, you’ll be billed separately.

What type of storage would I receive with the retrieved information?

Up to 9 GB the information will be returned on DVD. From 9 GB will send a new hard drive that will be charged on the invoice prior to your acceptance.

If my drive is under warranty, do you lose if I recover the data?

If it has a logical failure NO. In certain cases of physical failures YES

How I can send my device?

You need to pack your hard drive properly, to protect it from possible damage during transport. Follow these instructions…

Is there a cost if you do not recover the data?

NO. If there is no success in the recovery you will not pay any amount by way of data recovery.

What percentage of recoveries you have?

Currently 98 out of 100 records that arrives to our clinic are successfully recovered. The necessary condition for this ratio is based in not trying to recover your information on your own. The attempt of recovery by unqualified staff makes that the success rate drops dramatically.