Technological Coverage

Lazarus reflects a strategy that combines the expertise of professional ideologues and executors of a unique business model of offering innovative technology services on a massive scale through large groups since 2004.

All services are designed and provided to achieve the best customer experience.

Our vision is to provide technological covering 360 ° and our mission is to market a B2B model meeting the highest standards of quality and operational efficiency by providing our client companies

Our installations have the best technical means and we constantly invest on I + D + i to improve our technology, our services and our processes.

We are specialized in implementation of services in large collectives and in designing extensions of guarantees.

We work with leading hardware and software manufacturers, insurance companies and banks, offering services that add value to the product and user satisfaction.

Include our services in a collective or a warranty extension results in the following benefits:

  • Increases communication skills. To incorporate a new service to their products produces a substantial improvement of the content of the communication to its customers and potential markets.
  • Promotes commercial speech. The implementation of this guarantee on their products substantially improves sales argument and provides real differentiation from the competition.
  • Increase the perceived customer value, as these manufacturers perceive a concern to protect your investment given the high perceived value.
  • Help to strengthen and improve their loyalty programs.