Services by Lazarus

Lazarus, has a full service CATALOGUE, all oriented towards the implementation in communities. Our mission is to bring valuable services to user collectives on very favourable terms, providing access to technology and services focused on providing content protection and service continuity.

  • Assistive technology: Assistive technology Service that offers an immediate solution to the most common issues or problems related to the use of technological devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. ..): support, configuration, consultation minor incidents or devices that connect thereto.
    Is provided through a multi-platform chat, phone, VoIP, social networking, email, etc. ..), 7×24,  365 days a year.If the issue can not be resolved by these means, with the home care service sent a qualified technician.Unlimited number of incidents, with no time limit.
  • Data Recovery from anything magnetic.
    We recover lost information of any storage device.
  • Backups Cloud Storage.
    Configure and advise on the cloud storage of information desired by the user. Photos, files, videos, contacts, etc.. The service is cross-platform and will be accessible from any device with internet access. The help desk will be provided on platforms consolidated cloud storage as Skydrive, Dropbox or iCloud.
  • Internet Safety: navigation, mail, transactions, antivirus and parental control.
    Configure, manage and install the user the services you need to ensure your digital security.
    We help the user in implementing protective mechanisms against viruses malware, phishing, identity protection, parental control, safe buy.
    Perform proactive maintenance and regular updating of security systems implemented in user devices.
  • Digital Heritage: Managing the digital legacy. LEGADUM.
    Legadum is an innovative service, athrough which it provides the user a space order your digital life. Provides various services related to the time of his death, and facilitates the heirs of content management.
  • Online reputation: Monitoring and erasing digital life.
    Provide through a search technology on the public Internet, reputation analysis and user feedback about a person or company.
  • Location of devices and people.
    Locate, recover, delete or warn the user of all kinds of events.
    We tracked down the people who matter most and alerted in case of any anomaly. We can set up safe or reliable areas, warning the user if they are or leave them.
    Activate functionality of the laptop, tablet or Smartphones lost or stolen.
  • Back Up Mobile
    By pressing a button, you can send the personal information contained in the phone (calendar, contacts, notes and tasks) to a server, creating a backup of it. Once you have created the backup, access will be allowed to it for viewing from any web browser by a web portal created for this purpose. From this portal you can modify, create and delete any record of this information. The next time you connect your mobile phone, all this information will be exchanged with it. In other words, the phone will be updated with any changes made on the web and vice versa.