Who we are?

Today computing is part of our life, because of the accessibility that we have of the information technologies, most of us no longer conceive of a world without computers. We store our memories, papers, documents, etc…in our systems, but these systems are exposed to potential failures, both human and of the machine itself.


Lazarus, reflects a strategy that combines the experience of professional ideologues and executors of an unique business model based in offering innovative technology services on a massive scale through large companies since 2005.

We have the largest data recovery lab in Europe, with the most advanced own technology and the best team of professionals

Our Customers

All services are designed and provided for the best customer experience. Improving the user experience on any device and helping in solving problems or doubts.
We provide our service to more than 10 million users in 22 countries.

We work with major insurance companies.

Our vision is to provide 360 º technological covering and our mission is reaching the B2B model market fulfilling the highest standards of quality and operational efficiency for our customer companies.
LazaRus is the first company with data recovery lab that implemented the concept of “clinical data”. We treat storage devices as if they were a patient


Our installations have the best technical resources and constantly invest on I + D + i to improve our technology, our services and our processes.
Our lab is based on an 100% specially developed ,revolutionary concept, Lazarus Technology UP System, developed specifically by the best professionals in this field, having now a rate of success of above 80%.
LazaRus technical team collects an experience in the field of data recovery for over 15 years