In Lazarus obsession we have innovation as a competitive tool, we invest to make our services to adapt to the necessities of our customers and make them accessible to as many users as possible.

Our main areas of research are:

Data Recovery

We have developed a laboratory model unique in the world that offers a support resilience productivity.

The technology necessary to recover information from damaged devices can not be bought in the market. Each laboratory should develop its own technology for recovery. This is the reason why some companies manage to recover data where others fail. We keep researching and developing proprietary technology for more than 16 years.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest tools, through the basic facilities for the activity data recovery:

  • 9 laminar flow cabinets, Class 100 Multi ISO7, without which it is impossible to proceed with the opening of a hard disk without endangering recovery.
  • Measurement tools, acquired from specialized suppliers.
  • Lab design based in productivity, 5 fully operational productive UP Systems bays (5 laboratories)./li>
  • Stock replacement parts with more than 6,000 units to date.
  • We have the largest productive area in Europe.
  • We have the most experienced staff in this field in Spain.
  • High production capacity, with over 1,480 monthly recoveries.
  • Own development tools, source of our European technological leadership, as the result of constant commitment to innovation.
  • Herramientas de desarrollo propio, fuente de nuestro liderazgo tecnol√≥gico europeo, fruto de la apuesta constante por la innovaci√≥n.
  • 24 hour security service to guarantee the safety of our customer information.
  • Safe systems and redundant storage with 100% traceability and monitoring the data dump.

Forensic Technology

In Lazarus we do not only do rigorous and easily understood forensic reports by judges and referees, but also we know that much of the success is based on good planning prior to the strategy with legal counsel and a thorough preparation for ratification.

As a result of our investigations, we have adapted these coverages in Civil Responsibility policies.

Digital Heritage

It is vitally important to follow a rigorous methodology and procedures at any moment to ensure the validity and accuracy of evidence as well every day there is a greater concern for the virtual memory of the people, questions like what will happen to all my content when I’m gone are becoming common, in fact in Anglo-Saxon countries and includes the digital heritage in traditional testaments. Based on our experience with insurance companies, we have developed a model whereby the policyholder can manage your digital life in an orderly manner and LEGADUM securely via a Lazarus own development.