LazaRus, data clinic, is constituted in April 2004 with 100% Spanish capital. The aim of LazaRus: to remove the economic barriers of data recovery service. To do this, the structure of costs followed by LazaRus is innovative, pioneer in the field, allowing the development of unique solutions to date in the sector. Dedicated to the recovery of computer data, builds his laboratory in the Know How acquired in over 19 years by its founders. This advantage quickly positioned LazaRus as the reference laboratory for other existing laboratories.

Years 2011/2012

We launch our Computer Forensics division. We provide market services supplied by our security and computer systems experts, as well as those of our Judicial Computer Experts.

The revolution

We manage our services to incorporate it into the coverage of liability with the following result:

  • Greater control of the risks of technology
  • To adapt to the technological reality coverage
  • Extending the coverage
  • Improve of Legal defence
  • Save costs
  • Reduces time

Year 2010

We released at CeBIT 2010 our data recovery solution for EMEA with a host that exceeds all expectations.

LazaRus opens its new facilities becoming the company’s largest production capacity in Europe.

We achieve the first agreements with global producers.

Consolidation of distribution models with national and European wholesalers

The Revolution

  • LazaRus becomes # 1 as Seller of guarantees for the retail market in Europe.
  • Overcome the barrier of 10 million customers.
  • We strengthened our market in 4 continents.

Year 2008

Fnac and PC City begin to market our data recovery service for retail.

Trazarus is developed, a traceability system to combat laptop theft and insurance fraud.

We perform the first large portfolios inclusions Home with insurance companies first level.

The Revolution

  • LazaRus introduces the first data recovery solution for the retail market: Anti Dat├ístrofe System.
  • LazaRus reaches over 6 million users, only in the domestic market.

Year 2007

Fujitsu and Lenovo include our data recovery warranty h2o, being the first world-class producers to include our guarantee.

It starts up the first model Supermicro servers guarantee.

Fnac and Auchan distribute our Imperdible service.

The Revolution

  • We reinforce our commitment to quality ISO 9001:2000 certified audited by AENOR and IQNet. We became the first and only data recovery lab with European quality label.
  • LazaRus maintains its innovation and develops a unique service in retail including + Data Recovery Remote Computer Assistance: Imperdible.
  • We launch the first external hard drives guarantee directed to cover Handy Fujitsu Drives national production.

Years 2005/2006

Visa Computers (Diode) and X-Tream (Infostock) PCI, Airis and Data Logic (Beep) released for the first time in Spain, equipment covered with data recovery service standard by our guarantee h2o.

Prestigious Companies and Official Associations protect their computers with Data Care.

He signed the first contract for insurance and banking inclusion, European Insurance and trade BBVA.

The Revolution

  • We became the first and only data recovery lab supported by the major domestic manufacturers of computers.
  • LazaRus again innovate technological solutions and launch a unique service for insurance companies: Data Recovery + Computer Remote Assistance.

Year 2004

A team, formed by a staff with over 16 years experience in data recovery, founds LazaRus Technology.

The company was founded with one goal: to democratize data recovery service computer, designing a revolutionary concept and business model of the production process, resulting in the security model.

The Revolution

LazaRus innovation in production processes data recovery, allowing pioneering the launch of the first data recovery warranty worldwide, tailored to each customer profile:

  • h2o: for computer manufacturers.
  • Data Care: for the IT Channel.